Business Or First Class Amenities

business or first class

Business or first-class flights offer unique amenities you can’t experience on other planes. These include access to the lounge, pre-departure beverage service, and a bed made up ahead of time.

Pre-departure beverage service

Pre-departure beverage service is one of the most coveted aspects of air travel. Whether on a business or a leisure trip, you’ll want to be prepared to leave on time. This is especially true for first-class passengers.

In most cases, your pre-departure beverage is complimentary. On some airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, you can purchase a limited selection of drinks.

During the swine flu pandemic, some airlines reduced or eliminated their pre-departure beverage service. However, United Airlines recently brought it back.

The company will offer two sparkling wine options, a white and a red. It also serves a range of beers, juices, and local soft drinks on board. Depending on your route and the length of your flight, you’ll get a little something different.

In addition to the apparent sparkling wine, the company is bringing back authentic meals on flights over 1500 miles. Business and Premium Plus cabins on flights operated by the carrier will be served real food again.

In-flight amenity kits

Amenity kits, also called “goodie bags,” have become a popular item to travel with. These kits typically include shampoo, toothpaste, lip balm, lotion, and more. The contents of the kits vary by airline, but they are generally available to business or first-class passengers.

Some airlines have teamed up with designer brands to create luxury items for their passengers. For example, British Airways offers a series of amenity kits in the form of washbags and travel pouches. They are made from high-quality canvas and leather and have a hand loop. Other kits are lined and available in a variety of colors.

A first-class kit usually includes an eye mask, ear plugs, a toothbrush, and a sock. Men receive dental equipment, while women get a moisturizer, Elemis shaving gel, and a hose.

Business class amenity kits on China Airlines include a hydrating face mist, iced mocha, and ultra-moisturizing oil. In addition to these, they contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, and lip balm.

Lounge access

If you’re a frequent traveler, you may want to consider buying lounge access. This allows you to relax and do some work in a posh setting. The perks can be pretty impressive, and it’s not unusual to see lounges at major airports worldwide.

You can buy a one-day pass or even a yearly membership. Depending on the airline, you can also access other perks, like free wi-fi and beverages.

Some airlines offer a unique lounge that’s reserved for first-class passengers. These lounges are often the most exclusive in the airport. However, checking with the airline is essential to ensure you can use them.

Often, these lounges are only accessible for international flights. For example, you may be unable to access the United lounge in Los Angeles if you’re traveling in international first class.

On domestic flights, you’ll need to ask the airline to confirm whether or not you’re eligible for lounge access. Many of the big three airlines – Delta, United, and American – operate their lounges at major airports.